Weight Loss during lockdown

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During these unusual times and with most of us being locked-down and having to spend our most of our times locked into our homes – we still need to watch what we’re eating. Now whereas we may find it difficult to be as active as normal, we can still maintain our weight or even loss some weight if we focus in the right direction. 

With a reframe this could actually be the ideal time to loss some weight because you should be cooking nearly all of what you eat. Most takeaways, fast food and most food places are closed at the moment. Most of us typically have more time on our hands so cooking from scratch using fresh and good ingredients is much easier.

Make a routine and keep with it.

With being under lockdown and out of our regular routines we need to create a new daily plan and routine until things change again more back to normality. Even when things change the changes are likely to be done in stages so being able to change and adapt accordingly is very important, so adapt and change when you need to.

Some dangers of excessive weight from NIDDK – HERE

Some quick and easy tips are: 

Drink lots of water

Skip breakfast, this can work very well for some

Intermittent Fasting – more explaned on this page

Eat slower – no phone, laptop or TV

Sleeping regular hours

Leave your phone out of the bedroom

Bedroom cooler than other rooms

Have a waking up time – and stick to it


HIIT training

Exercise DVD’s 

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Physically based in London, and Reading, Berkshire, also Didcot in Oxfordshire, within the W1, Westminster, Mayfair in central London areas, even during a lockdown weight loss can happen by being disciplined, creating a routine, forming good habits and being focused and motivated and sticking to the plan 

The dangers of rapid weight loss from Webmd – HERE