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Stop Smoking

Stop Vaping 

Stop Smoking in Central London 

Stop Vaping in Central London 


Alcohol Addiction 

Gambling Addiction

Drug Addiction

Porn Addiction 

Gambling Addiction in Central London

Alcohol Addiction in Central London

Cannabis Addiction in Central London

Cocaine Addiction in Central London

Drug Addiction in Central London

Help with Addictions in Central London




Fear and Phobia of Flying

Fear and Phobia of Public Speaking

Fear and Phobia of the Dentist

Fear and Phobia of Needles and Injections

Fear and Phobia of Vomiting and Being Sick

Fear and Phobia of Heights

Fear and Phobia of Thunderstorms – Thunder and Lightning

Fear and Phobia of the Dark

Fear and Phobia of Wasps and Bees 

Fear and Phobia of Spiders 

Fear and Phobia of Pigeons and Birds

Fear and Phobia of Driving in London

Fear and Phobia of Flying – London Based 

Weight Loss

Motivation and Exercise – And Weight Loss

Gastric Band Hypnosis 

Help with Food and Sugar Cravings in London

Chocolate and Sugar Addiction


Social Anxiety 



Life Coaching




Guilt and Regret

Grief and Bereavement 

Seasonal Affective Disorder


Performance Anxiety 

Help with Auditions in London

Help with Interviews in London

Jealousy and Insecurity 


Panic Attacks

Anger Management

Assertiveness Coaching

IBS – Irritable Bowel Syndrome

OCD – Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Unwanted and Bad Habits

Help with Blushing and Going Red

Help with Nail Biting

Tourettes Sydrome and Tics

Allergies and Hay Fever

Help with ED – Erectile Dysfunction

Help with PE –  Premature Ejaculation



Pain Relief and Pain Control

Allergies and Hay Fever

Aspergers Sydrome

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What is Hypnosis?And it can help you with various treatments, issues, problems and conditions

Hypnosis or trance states are naturally occurring states which we all drift in and out of throughout our day. for example have you ever daydreamed your way through a meeting? or travelled somewhere without remembering much about the journey? these are trance states. you know what is going on around you whilst being completely relaxed like being in a “daydream”. studies have shown that we spend 90% of our time in such states.

There is no one definitive explanation of what hypnosis is and it’s interesting to note that everybody experiences it in a very different way, but the main feeling everyone experiences is a profound sense of relaxation.

Please watch this, a download from the NCH (National Council Hypnotherapy) 

What is Cognitive Hypnotherapy? … And what remedies, treatments and issues I can help with

Cognitive hypnotherapy is an approach rather than just a set of techniques. It takes recent understandings of how the brain works, uses NLP methods and a modern view of the use of trance to create a combination that can be very effective in a relatively short period of time. Many problems can be helped in as little as 2-4 sessions.

Cognitive hypnotherapy uses an approach to therapy which is tailored to suit the person. This is because we are all different and all give different meanings and reasons to the things that happen to us. My role as the therapist is to act as a guide to help you find your own solutions so that you can take control of your own life once again.

Within Cognitive hypnotherapy we believe that everyone has all the inner resources they need to solve their problem. As a cognitive hypnotherapist I do not believe that there is a universal solution. This is on the basis that we all already unconsciously possess the answers to our own questions. Cognitive hypnotherapy uses your natural trance states to assist in uncovering the thoughts and memory patterns that led to the problem you’re experiencing. Cognitive hypnotherapy employs techniques to help using treatments to modify these patterns so that you are able to consciously take control of your behaviour by using naturally occurring states to enable change by by-passing the conscious mind which is holding the problem state. 

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