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If you’re offended by this page and by the subject matter within then it’s probably best and advisable for you not scroll down – and with that I thank you for understanding

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Abductions, Encounters, Regression Therapy and Hypnotherapy

Recently I have several clients of various ages and backgrounds who have had an abduction experience or experiences going back several, dozens or scores of years.

Some of these are very clear and personal with great and extremely descriptive details and spanning decades often to when they were very young. Others are generally what one might expect with them describing what people know as “greys”, examinations and experimentation and alien crafts and maybe travelling in them. Others have through hypnosis said that they are being communicated with by telepathy, in dreams or through a guide of some description.

However whether these experiences are “real” or “imagination” maybe isn’t the point because if something, anything is bothering you and you want to get to the bottom of it then this is the most important thing to consider. Isn’t it?

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If in Doubt!
Please try explaining the thousands or tens of thousands of pictures, films, official reports, insider testimony and eye witness testimony from highly trained military and civilian radar operators, military and non-military pilots. As well as testimony from high ranking and well respected member of the public including lawyers, teachers, police officers and government officials – these people are not likely to be involved in what people refer to as ‘conspiracy theories’.

Now Consider
There are over 200-400 stars in the our galaxy (the milky way) alone and the universe is between 13 and 21 billion years old, the planet Earth has been here for 4.5 billion years and Ladder Leading Sky by Sira Anamwong freedigitalphotos.net human life for 30,000, 100,000 or 200,000 years with what we know as industry and technology for 200 years. We’ve had satellites up since 1957 and went to the moon in 1969. So not long ago then!

Now we are discovering planets in other star systems which are believed to be able to sustain life (and that’s based on what we think life needs to thrive), so there is a possibility of civilisations and life that by far exceed us perhaps by between 13 and 21 billion years. Now as the theoretical physicist, futurist and co founder of string theory Dr Michio Kaku says there could be what he calls type 3 civilizations which can use the universe and the laws of existence to traverse space and time and to make their survival certain. We are currently according to Dr Kaku a type 0 (that’s zero) civilisation.

Now were as I’m not saying this is absolute proof for any Abduction experiences, UFO or ET life out there or that’s already here it does give the reality of the situation a possibility if not a good certainty that it’s at least possible.

Somethings for you to ponder
There’s the case of Betty and Barney Hill who claim to have been abducted in New Hampshire over 19th – 20th September 1961. Travis Walton who famously disappeared for 5 days in the Apache-Sitgreaves National Forest in Arizona, this incident was made into the film Fire in the Sky. Also the case of Police Officer Herbert Schirmer again claiming to have been abducted, this time in Nebraska on December 3rd 1967.

Some famous and not fully explained incidents include the Battle of Los Angeles occurring between 24th and 25th February 1942, the Lubbock Lights incident in Texas which took place in 1951, in Washington D.C. which amazing took place from 12th – 29th July 1952 and most famously the 1947 Roswell, New Mexico.

And there are the recent reports from military reports from Mexico, Turkey and China who’s governments seem to be starting to disclose certain information, reports and footage.

Something else to ponder is that many reports, sightings and abductions are from military personal, police officers, experienced military and civilian pilots and radar operators, teachers, lawyers and various ‘pillars’ of the community who would have nothing to gain from making stuff up and indeed lots to lose.

Also there various websites, organizations and individuals who are well meaning people and supportive. A great resource to information on free energy, anti-gravity technology and on UFO and alleged alien encounters as well as technology is Project Camelot where you can watch a variety of guests including John Lear, Ralph Ring, Bob Dean, Joseph Farrell and Richard Hoagland.

The Disclosure Project set up by Dr Steven Greer in 2001 has many current and former military, astronauts, government officials and scientists many of which have worked for NASA and various alphabet agencies in the United States. Contributors include Dr Carol Rosin, Sgt Clifford Stone,

Some footage for you to watch

Dr Karla Turner in a excellent seminar shortly before her death 

Hypnotherapy and Where it Can Help
Hypnotherapy works on the unconscious mind and helps to recover lost and suppressed memories often in very good detail. This in itself can give an individual much greater insight into their personal experience and their life journey

Hypnotherapy is an excellent way of working through these experiences and it’s the here and now that maybe should be the most important thing to consider so if you believe you have had an close encounter or an abduction experience then maybe I can help. For some information from the National Council for Hypnotherapy please see NCH guidelines.

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Michio Kaku is a theoretical physicist, futurist, and popular science communicator. He is known for his work in the field of string theory and is a professor of theoretical physics at the City College of New York. He has also written several popular science books and is a frequent guest on television and radio programs discussing scientific topics.