Cancer and Hypnotherapy


Cancer and hypnotherapy – how it can help

Being diagnosed with cancer is obviously a frightening event for anyone. Hypnotherapy helps you to play your part along with the Doctors and hospital staff in using your mind and body together for a more positive approach.

It is well known that having a positive attitude in your subconscious mind can create beneficial changes in the physical body. Hypnosis can lower your anxiety and stress levels allowing the healing process to better function.

The programme, as well as instilling a positive and forward looking attitude, also aims to help you stay calm and to cope better with any discomfort, either from the illness or from side effects of treatment.

I cannot and do not make any claim to ‘cure’ cancer or be used as an alternative to medical treatment

I can visit you at home or work in and around Reading, Berkshire or you can see me at my centre in town.

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Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis to put you into a trance like state where your body is deeply relaxed but your mind is active. We all go into such states of mind naturally in daily life. For example, when we daydream or concentrate deeply on something.

Someways how I can help:

  • Reduced pain and stress associated with the cancer itself.
  • Guided Visualization to help with future-mindedness and for healing
  • A decrease in the after-effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments
  • Improved mental state with less stress, less anxiety, and the feeling of a greater control and acceptance of the situation
  • Better postsurgical response measured as decrease in pain requiring less medication, less tiredness, and a faster healing from the surgery itself

Please do ask any questions – below 2 videos that may help if you’re experiencing stress and anger as a part of your current situation

For an article on how hypnotherapy can help some of the aspects of cancer please click this Oncology Nurse Advisor HERE

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