Fear of Driving in London


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Fear of Driving in London

A fear of driving isn’t that unusual and please be aware and assured that you’re not alone; the fear of driving is actually very common and can sometimes seem to come on from nowhere. The fear itself can be extremely frightening, completely terrifying and inconvenient and can manifest itself in a number of ways.

Some people only feel relaxed and comfortable driving on familiar roads and will drive miles out of their way to get from departure to destination, this can be extremely time consuming, can take a great deal of logistics and can be costly. Some drivers feel that they may lose control of being in unfamiliar territory.

Others common reasons can be:

  • Fear of driving on Motorways and dual carriage ways
  • Fear of driving over bridges and/or through tunnels
  • Fear of driving in London or in built-up areas
  • Fear of driving in heavy traffic
  • Fear of losing control of the car
  • Fear of driving in bad weather or at night
  • Fear of driving on unfamiliar roads
  • Fear of being overtaken

When a person experiences any form of fear around driving they can begin to doubt their own ability to drive, they can become very conscious and hyper-alert of the stimulus and issue, which can then in turn make things worse. As with most things we’ve learnt how to do, when we’ve past our driving test, driving becomes an unconscious process in that we just do it. We (overwhelmingly) don’t think about changing gears, steering, braking and all the maneuverers and things you need to do.

What would eliminating your fear of driving mean to you?

Hypnotherapy can help you re-programme your mind to overcome the fear of driving, to feel relaxed and in control when driving whilst maintaining a safe level of focus changing your reactions, actions, thoughts and overall opinion of driving. The normal new response would be to overcome this fear as in that you will be able to get on with driving as you would both like to and expect to be able to.

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What is a Phobia?

 A phobia is a persistent, irrational fear of, and a desire to avoid, certain object/s, animals, events or situations. It is considered by mainstream psychology that the only 2 fears that we are all born with are of sudden loud noises and of height, any fear of heights is actually a fear of falling.

Other people consider that you are not born with a phobia – and that it’s a learned response. A learned response which has by situations in the past, of which almost always have a root cause, which you then react to when confronted by the phobic stimulus. With phobias even the anticipation, of thoughts or by thinking of the situation will often be enough to provoke the reaction. The person will then experience feelings, reaction and responses of anxiety, fear, panic and panic attacks.

Using hypnotherapy, NLP, positive psychology and EFT Matthew can re-programme your thoughts, change your associations and replace them with new, more appropriate feelings, reaction, behaviours, emotions and thoughts.

Etymology and Meaning

The word Phobia itself is derived from the Greek word Phobos meaning extreme fear and flight. The ancient Greek God, Phobos was believed to be able to reduce the enemies of the Greeks to a state of terror, making victory in battle more inevitable.

A fear of driving a car, also referred to as amaxophobia, ochophobia, motorphobia, or hamaxophobia, is a type of phobia that results in a persistent and intense fear of driving or riding in a vehicle – get some help today with helping with the fear of driving in London

Fear of driving as defined by Very Well Mind – HERE

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