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Based in the centre and the heart of London offering hypnosis, NLP, life coaching and positive psychology at central London hypnotherapy

Coronavirus/Covid-19 Update – currently working by paid in advance appointment only in Bond Street, central London

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Central London hypnotherapy - Matthew Exell
Matthew Exell – central London hypnotherapy

Hi, I’m Matthew a cognitive hypnotherapist, NLP master practitioner, mindset change and life coach; specializing in helping with addictions, confidence and anxiety related issues

Also helping with phobias, stress, depression, insomnia, anger, habits, depression, weight loss and much morebased in central London

As a hypnotherapist and NLP master practitioner, I can help change your mindset and reprogram your unconscious mind; specializing in helping with addictions to alcohol, cocaine, cannabis, other drugs and substances, gambling, and more

It’s so important (essential actually) to find the right therapist, coach and the right person to help you, so now I will help to provide you with all the right information that you will need to make that decision – that I can help you now!

Starting something new is going the hardest little bit and sometimes we all need some help – and some reassuring  news is that simply by being right here you’re already on your path to being a better, healthier, stronger, focused, much more effective, happier and confident you.

Using a mix and combination of hypnotherapy, NLP, EFT  and life coaching; as well as all the best parts of positive psychology – I’m certain and confident that I can help you.

Can you imagine that feeling of feeling so much better now, of releasing that old behaviour, transforming that out-of-date way of believing or behaving. Change doesn’t need to be that hard or take too long – you can make positive changes in a relatively short time. The hardest part for most is deciding to make that change, I can help you.

My approach is creative, versatile, personalized and constantly imaginative – I enjoy seeing outstanding outcomes – seeing individuals make large transformations, really feel more alive once more and also back to the previous selves.

Hypnotherapy, NLP as well as coaching are not such as waving a magic wand; it takes initiative and effort on both sides. However, for my part, you will get my 100% and a tailored technique to your treatment and solution state of mind.

It’s amazing what does take place when you have your unconscious mind on board and also helping you out. My aim is to assist you to accomplish your goals in the most positive and reliable way, as well as shortest time feasible, working at the root of the problem, dealing with any existing concerns and also projecting your future to generate results.

I think that people ought to concentrate on their solution state as opposed to on the problem. So I recommend that with solution-focused techniques that this will assist you to recognise, uncover as well as establish your abilities, strengths, capabilities and resources, to enhance your self-confidence and also unlock your real capacity.

You are possibly already beginning to notice that I work in quick and dynamic fashion to help solve your issues.

If you want a powerful, enthused and motivated strategy, after that we must chat, so for hypnotherapy near me

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Testimonial for central London hypnotherapy

“Thanks to Matthew I haven’t touched a cigarette for the past 18 months and I used to smoke a paquet a day, and that after just one hypnotherapy session.
More recently, he helped me a lot with anxiety with one session. Because of anxiety, I wasn’t eating or sleeping properly. I feel 90% less anxious and when anxiety kicks in, it goes within seconds or minutes. Thank you Matthew!”
 – Sandrine Leveque

My clients come to see me from all over London, Berkshire and Oxfordshire and further afield with a range of problems, conditions and intended goals including:

Weight Loss, weight control, to tackle Food Cravings and Sugar Addictions and for Gastric Band Hypnosis

Stopping Smoking and Addictions such as GamblingAlcohol and Drugs

Confidence and Self-EsteemPublic Speaking and Life Coaching

Phobias of spiders, wasps, birds, heights, needles, of vomiting and being ill and the dentist or a fear of flying

Anxiety and StressPanic AttacksIBSAgoraphobia and Claustrophobia

Anger management, assertiveness and overcoming Jealousy and Guilt

Depression, mood swings, InsomniaOCD and PTSD

Bad and Unwanted Habits such as Nail BitingNervous TicsTourettes, going red and Blushing, sniffing, nervous coughing and stuttering

Male sexual issues such as erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation

Performance Anxiety and nerves for sports and exams, improving abilities for golf, tennis and all sports

And with much more including Life Coaching or hypnotherapy can help with …  HERE

Most things I see people for can be treated and made easier in between 2 – 5 sessions and because everyone is unique and this will differ but changes do happen. For Stopping Smoking people will usually stop after just 1 session.

Call 07807 540142 or  Email today at Central London hypnotherapy

Testimonial for central London hypnotherapy

“I highly recommend Matthew as an experienced hypnotherapist and NLP coach. I went for help with anxiety issues and he quickly helped me clear my unhelpful and negative thought patterns that were holding me back. My life long fear of public speaking is now history !
His warm and relaxed attitude makes working together fun and I always know I can go back if I have another issue to clear out.
We recently sorted out my compulsive need to keep buying clothes. The next day I went to Selfridges and had no desire to buy anything! That’s a first! A big thank you to Matthew for all the money I will be saving in the future.”
 – Caroline Shaw

Testimonial for central London hypnotherapy

“Matthew from Excel Hypnotherapy is great, very knowledgeable and easy to converse with. He helped me with my issues within 3 visits. They haven’t disappeared fully but i have learned how to control them. I highly recommend Matthew at Excel Hypnotherapy.” – Mateusz Plocharski, a client of central London hypnotherapy

“I highly recommend Matthew, he changed my life!
The sessions with Matthew have been a tremendous help, his experience, knowledge and especially his manner made me feel completely at ease from the first session. We have worked on brilliant methods of controlling the severe anxiety attacks I once suffered from. Anxiety and panic attacks no longer control my social and work life, I have managed to increase my earnings by 20%, this is simply because I can work a full week without suffering anxiety attacks.
Many thanks for the excellent and personal service I received!!” –
 Chamus Faulkner

Hypnotherapy in central London to stop smoking

Central London hypnotherapy

Call 07807 540142 or  Email today at Central London hypnotherapy

Hypnosis – Some Facts

  • Hypnosis is a natural state of mind and of natural relaxation
  • You are always in control
  • You cannot be made to do anything against your will
  • Hypnotherapy does not have any negative side effects
  • Hypnotherapists do not take control of or your mind

Some explanations of hypnotherapy from WikipediaBBC and the NHS

Therapy – the Past, the Present, and the Future – Coaching, Hypnotherapy and NLP – Explained

I do use hypnotherapy, NLP and life coaching; and often in combination. With therapy It’s best to try to help the past, present, and future – so to think differently about the past, address the present and look and feel differently about the future. Hypnotherapy and NLP (and counseling deal with the past), Hypnosis, coaching and NLP are both great with coping techniques and addressing the present; and hypnosis, NLP and Life Coaching, and particularly coaching is good the future.

Regards Matthew at the Excel Hypnotherapy Central London – mail@excelhypnotherapy.com – hypnotherapy Central London

Contact me HERE for Skype and Zoom appointments, also WhatsApp and FaceTime – as long as you can be in a quiet place where you won’t be disturbed then hypnotherapy, coaching and NLP will work effectively, in the past I’ve worked with many people all over the world including Ukraine, Poland, USA, New Zealand, Brazil, Italy and many more countries – all using the best remote technology, it works!