Fear of Driving Tests and Anxiety


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The fear of driving tests and the anxiety around them is very common and can in some cases be overwhelming. I regularly get consulted with people wanting help to overcome their driving test nerves. The types of nerves can range from an overall feeling of anxiety about the test in general, to more specific nerves related to a particular type of manoeuvre required during the test.

The majority of people I’ve seen are more than capable drivers (I’ve spoken to their instructors on occasions) and they have all the knowledge and skills in driving, and they often experience no nerves during their normal driving lessons. Many have taken their test previously, either once or have had a few attempts.

Others people just want a bit of a boost to make sure they are feeling 100% confident before attempting the test for the first time. Some that have taken their test previously may have had a bad experience or failed due to a few minor mistakes. This experience may then trigger off a few doubts in the person’s mind about their ability to pass the next time. Consequently, this can then turn into a limiting belief, backed up by every failed attempt they make at passing their test.

I Can Help You to:

  • Convince yourself you’re ready
  • Pretend it’s a mock
  • Be Calmer 
  • Be Less Anxious 
  • Take it Easy on Yourself 
  • Not beat yourself up

Not everyone passes the first and if you don’t pass straight away its not the end of the world. Many people take a couple or a few attempts and that’s no real discredit to them.

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Being in the Zone

It will help for you to be a the flow-state, the flow state is when you’re doing something as oppose to thinking about it. Most of the things you do, you do without thinking, once you’ve learnt how to do them. You also can’t not know what you know – so if you know how to drive, then that’s something that you know. If that makes sense.

Being more relaxed will help obviously. However because it will be important for you to pass you will need some level of anxiety, otherwise the test will have no importance to you. However you that balance level so that you’re both relaxed and calm with a certain level of anticipation crossed with all the confidence in your driving knowhow and knowledge. NLP and hypnotherapy are both excellent that getting people into flow-state.

Belief will help and so will visualisation. The belief that you will pass will help to focus on the state of success and seeing and thinking that you will pass will give your mind something positive to concentrate on. With any performance people should see it how they would ideally like things to go – I have plenty of visualization tools and techniques which I can share with you.

So in Summary:

  • Relaxed and Calmer
  • In Flow-State
  • Confident
  • Anticipation
  • Visualizing and Seeing Success
  • Knowing that you Know how to drive
  • Perspective
  • Breathing Easy 

I hope that all makes sense to you, however please do ask any questions 

Fear of driving test as described by the AA – HERE

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