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Many people have issues around interviews and the nerves which go along with them, this fear can hold people back from promotion, new opportunities and that dream job. These nerves can be so extreme that they may make a last minute excuse and bail out of the experience. For others it can be that they will physically shake, their heart may pound, they may perspire, blush and go red, feel embarrassed, mumble or stammer out their words or not be able to remember what to say, go blank mentally and maybe a combination of these things.

It doesn’t have to be that way and things can change. I have worked with many people who have had issues around interviews and it has in many occasions held them back professionally, however I can offer help with this and to help diminish interview stress and nerves, generally takes 2 – 3 session.

So if any of the following are true:

  • Does a pounding heart, clamminess or a shaking voice keep you from being your professional best during interviews?
  • Does your fear and anxiety harm your job prospects?
  • Are you uncomfortable selling your skills and knowledge at the interview?
  • Is your career being held back because you’re avoiding interviews?
  • Have you just been made redundant and lost confidence in seeking interviews?
  • So if any of these things are true for you when you’ve got an interview coming up or even when you’re considering a new job opportunity then help is at hand.

Now Imagine if you could

  • Be fully composed, feel in control and so confident
  • Be your best self and at your professional best
  • Become proactive and advance your career by enjoying the interview process
  • Be well presented so that you are enhance your chances of chosen over the competition
  • Find the interview experiences to be a positive and even liberating experience

Hypnotherapy and NLP can help you to:

  • Present yourself confidently
  • Feel positive about interviews
  • Feel comfortable and calm when speaking in front of people
  • Keep your focus on the interview
  • Remain calm, alert and in control
  • Talk easier in formal, informal or within social groups

The will benefit you in being able to address situations around people, places and with a variety of circumstances which can be an enormous boost to you professionally and personally for interview coaching.

You can replace and prevent those feelings of panic, fear and anxiety with confidence, control and calmness. Taking it a stage further, you can even learn to enjoy the situation and make a good impression! Many people I have worked with after hypnotherapy have had incredible transformations, and maybe now it’s your turn to achieve and transform!

Aspects of public speaking can help with interview coaching

Addressing and dealing with stress can help with interview coaching

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