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Stop Vaping Now

Vaping or smoking the e-cigarettes has become a very popular way of stopping smoking. The trouble is that you are still actually doing a habit, it’s just you replaced one habit for another.  The physical action is exactly the same and you are still getting nicotine, but mixed with propylene glycol and your trendy flavour of choice. So to find out how you can stop vaping read on.

Vaping has become socially acceptable, lots of places allow them to be used indoors and it’s normal to see people ‘smoking’ them. Indeed many shops and most garages sell them, and there are now specialist shops in cities and most large enough towns.

However there was little to no research into the health risks and now there is evidence of dangers from these vapes. It isn’t unusual for proper research not to be conducted.

Stop Vaping with Hypnotherapy

If you want to escape your addiction to vapes and e-cigarettes, similar to stopping smoking you will be committing to 2 sessions of hypnotherapy – the first lasting 90 minutes and the second lasting one hour, this will help you to stop vaping for one and for good. The full programme will cost you £150 and this is with all the support. Hypnotherapy can be extremely helpful in stopping most habits and with stopping smoking my success rates are around the 95% mark.

Typically people will need just one session – so are you ready?

Starting anything new can be daunting and starting therapy can be even more so. The good news is that even by reading this you are starting to make a positive decision and could well be on the way to becoming a happier, healthier, more successful and more confident you. And help is just a call or email away.

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The Cough, a Natural Reflex Response

A lot of people cough when they first try ‘vaping’ with a vape or and electronic cigarette.  A lot of people coughed when they first tried inhaling the smoke from a real cigarette – and for the exact same reason.  A cough is a protective reaction designed to eject the contents of the lungs because you breathed in something nasty like nicotine.  This reaction is triggered instantly by the subconscious mind, your central nervous system and your body to protect you. It’s your natural defence, a fight-or-flight type response.

Fight or Flight

Incidentally when after smoking for real or ‘smoking’ a vape your body goes into a natural state of getting the chemicals and poisons out of your system and out of the body. Many people actually think that the cigarette or vape is helping them to calm down – The Truth is Much Different. The Truth is your body, your central nervous system and you as a whole has gone into fight-or-flight and you are trying to get all those poisons and hideous chemicals out of your system.

Health, Research and Health Risks

Unfortunately, according to the American National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIOD) e-cigarettes may be safer than smoking tobacco but they are still dangerous to health because they contain cancer causing chemicals that are produced as a result of vaporising nicotine. There is also no regulation (as exists with other nicotine replacement products, foods and medication) to ensure that they are “safe” to use. Your use of vape or e-cigarettes is putting your health in danger. 

A Question in regards to stopping the vaping – Would you like to pay now; or pay later?

Please consider your answer

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Do You “Vape” to Stop Smoking Cigarettes?

About 100,000 people die in the UK per year from smoking related illness.
About fifty percent of smokers die as a result of their smoking. 

These are harsh but true statistics so anything that encourages smokers to stop has got to be viewed as positive. Vapes were introduced as a ‘safe’ delivery method for nicotine. We were told that the other chemicals in cigarette smoke are the poisonous ones. We are told that smokers are hooked on nicotine because it is highly addictive. 

Are You Addicted to Nicotine?

There is no correlation between how addictive a substance is and the severity of the withdrawal; (there are a few substances which can be dangerous to just stop straight away such as alcohol – but there are treatments which help with these). 

There is absolutely no physical or mental ‘effects’ that will cause you any health dangers whatsoever from stopping smoking. None whatsoever! So contact me to stop vaping today.

Even if you ‘feel’ that you’re addicted there are no health risks by stopping the vapes (or cigarettes or any of the replacements).

The dangers of Vaping as described by the British Heart Foundation – HERE

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