Fear of Heights


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Phobia and the Fear of Heights

The fear of heights is not unusual and affects many people to some degree, for some it could just be that they would feel uncomfortable at the London Eye, at Eiffel Tower or walking across narrow bridge. For other it can be much more debilitating in that they cannot go on an escalator, a glass windowed lift or to the higher floors of a car park.

The phobic reaction to height or acrophobia is actually the fear of falling and comes from a basic fight or flight response; and one of which we are according to mainstream psychology all born with. Now if you think about it this makes sense it is the potential of falling which would harm (or kill) you and not the height itself; indeed the height itself couldn’t do anything all by itself. The reaction although it may differ from person to person is actually a chemical reaction which cause adrenaline to flood your system and cause the physical reactions to the stimulus.

What is a phobia?

 A phobia is a persistent, irrational fear of, and a desire to avoid, certain object/s, animals, events or situations. It is considered by mainstream psychology that the only 2 fears that we are all born with are of sudden loud noises and of height, any fear of heights is actually a fear of falling.

Other people consider that you are not born with a phobia – and that it’s a learned response. A learned response which has by situations in the past, of which almost always have a root cause, which you then react to when confronted by the phobic stimulus. With phobias even the anticipation, of thoughts or by thinking of the situation will often be enough to provoke the reaction. The person will then experience feelings, reaction and responses of anxiety, fear, panic and panic attacks.

Using hypnotherapy, NLP, positive psychology and EFT, I can re-programme your thoughts, change your associations and replace them with new, more appropriate feelings, reaction, behaviours, emotions and thoughts.

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