Midlife Crisis


Straight away I’m going to suggest a reframe, instead of Midlife Crisis – a Midlife Opportunity and I’m going to teach you how

The Midlife Crisis issue does affect men much more than women; and for various reasons, however both men and women can and do go through this. It could be triggered by a stressful situation such as redundancy, issues around promotion, divorce, illness, the loss of a loved one or empty nest syndrome – and often in combination. With any stress or trigger, people will often hit a threshold and a snap will happen.

Triggers and Signs Can Be:

  • Awareness of ageing including the physical symptoms it brings
  • Health problem(s)
  • Money worries
  • Job Loss
  • Imminent Retirement
  • Thoughts and the unknown regarding Retirement
  • Not Feeling that your Goals, Expectations, Ambitions, Dreams have all been achieved
  • Questioning Decisions from the past
  • The sudden responsibility of taking on the care for an elderly parent
  • The Bereavement/loss of a Loved One
  • The boredom with work and/or life in general
  • Empty next syndrome – your children leaving home

Unfortunalty although this subject is known very well, often ridiculed, there is little to no research into this phenomenon. It’s also true that issues which males predominately go through are undervalued, under researched and very often made the butt of jokes. Sitcoms always do this there aren’t many positive male role models on TV.

One reason can be that a man could have done all the ‘right’ things in his life and all the things that society expects and when some unexpected and/or life changing events happen at more-or-less the same time he will become overwhelmed. Also possibly underwhelmed at the help and support that he won’t get.

It’s very often those who objectively have the least reason to be unhappy that are often hit the hardest. And feelings of ungratefulness, guilt, disappointment about their own dissatisfaction become part of a vicious cycle and sometimes lead to resentment in others.

Something which doesn’t help is obsessively comparing yourself to others – a new, often younger work colleague or even a friend may trigger thoughts of resentment causing you to question your own self-worth or abilities.

Some Issues You May Face:

  • Self-Doubting Questions
  • Self-Image Doubts
  • Not Recognising Yourself
  • A desire to feel, act, and/or look youthful
  • Feelings of Remorse over your Perceived Mistakes and Failures
  • Wanting a Dramatic Change in Career
  • Seemingly Impulsive Large Purchases 
  • Issues Around Self-Esteem
  • Depression
  • Anxiety and Confusion
  • Loss of Interest in areas of life
  • Feelings of Being Trapped
  • Wanting to Rebel 
  • Relentless Life Evaluation
  • Marked difference in social behaviour (withdrawing or socialising more than usual)

During a mid-life crisis there are a number of conscious and unconscious forces affecting our well-being and behaviour. Most of the negative feelings brought on by a mid-life crisis come from acting without fully knowing why, the reaction of others to our changing behaviour or from denying ourselves the time and space to explore these feelings.

I can help you discover how you can better align your life with what makes you content and happy. If you feel trapped or weighed down by your current situation, let me help you explore your options.

Help for a Mid-Life Crisis:

  • Get Fit
  • HIIT Training and Weight Lifting
  • Dress well and appropriately
  • Meet New People
  • Change Your Values and Focus
  • Taking the Opportunity
  • Making Something of  the Opportunity


Take this gift to get fit, do HIIT – high intensity interval training, and lift weights. This will help you physically, emotionally and mentally, it will help your IQ. Physically it will build muscle, reduce weight and body fat, increase testosterone levels, help with stress, sleeping, concentration, help with sexual performance and generally make you feel great.

Some information on the Midlife Crisis from Very Well Mind – HERE

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