Spiritual Counselling


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Spiritual Counselling

We can all at times lose our paths and in many ways, and our spiritual paths are no different in this way! Indeed there will be times when we just don’t know what to do, how to get there or where we are going anyway in the first place.

Then we or rather when we try to help ourselves we get confused, things become complicated and we get in our own ways. This is where we can use some help and asking for assistance is a sign of strength. Hypnotherapy is an excellent way of helping with this and can be very effective is a short space of time. 

Asking for assistance and for guidance for matters of a spiritual, emotional and evolutional level is indeed a positive step in making ones journey and often with the aid of a trained therapist you can make bounds of improvement and really get you towards being in the place you both need and deserve to be.It’s certainly true that another person’s view can help and when that person is not emotionally attached to the issues and also has skills which can and will allow you to look at an issue in a completely different manner then enlightenment and shift of perspective will happen.

Anyone in wonder about this all please do not look at this as traditional counselling; traditional counselling involves getting the person to go over their story or life experience which are often painful on a purely consciously remembered level. I do not and will not do this because basically it doesn’t typically work due to the fact that – If it did you would be able to resolve issues and problems, just like that

That in order to overcome a problem you would have to keep repeating/ going over it; which in fairness often just reinforces it
Our minds and souls do not process things in this way
We do effectively get in our own way and cause a mental block and then fixate on something which isn’t the true cause for the problem

A definition of spirituality by Dr Maya Spencer – HERE

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