Motivation and Exercise


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Motivation and Exercise and How Hypnotherapy can Help

Motivation to exercise is for some a big stumbling point and regular exercising is a massive part of what will result in the weight loss you want to achieve. Some people may just wish to have extra motivation to get them going again, whilst others will need a massive kick to help them along. Whatever you do need hypnotherapy can help in many ways.

One of the biggest problems people have with facing their weight loss is with self-esteem or confidence, their body image or how they perceive they look – and will use the excuse of being overweight to stop them getting in the gym, swimming pool or exercise class – but this is obviously not only not a un-useful belief; it’s also going to make the problem worse.

With using hypnotherapy, NLP and positive psychology we will work together in dispelling any negative beliefs and reasons as to why you are currently not doing something which Will help you massively.

There are lots of classes, gyms and other opportunities out there. However regular exercise is not only an essential part of losing, and maintenance and regulation of body weight but is also essential for health in general.

Exercise Does:

  • Make you feel better with the body and the mind
  • Help with all aspects of fitness and well-being
  • Increase your metabolic rate
  • Increase serotonin levels
  • Help increase self-esteem and confidence levels
  • Make you consciously aware of changes within the body and mind

Something to Bear in Mind – There are 3 basic body types and they are

Ectomorph – An ectomorph has a slight frame, they have a light build with small joints and with lean muscle, their shoulders tend to be thin with little width.

Mesomorph – A mesomorph has a large bone structure, large muscles and a naturally athletic physique, this is the best body type for bodybuilding, they find it quite easy to gain and lose weight and they are naturally strong which is the perfect platform for building muscle.

Endomorph – The endomorph body type can be both solid and soft as they can gain both fat and muscle weigh very easily, Endo’s are often of a shorter build with thick arms and legs, they are typically able to develop muscles that are strong, especially the upper legs, they can be of ‘stocky’ build, be round of physique, can find it difficult to lose fat and even when they will have the capability to have developed muscles however their muscles will not always be as well defined

With people there is often a combination of these body types and there are many other things to take into account such as sex, age, previous fitness levels, emotional issues, an individual’s current situation and establishing realistic goals for the future.

Of course everyone is unique so I always tailor my approach to any person with anything I see them for and with weight loss, motivation in general or to exercise, overcoming emotional eating and anything else related; you will get a program and therapeutic intervention which is directed for you alone.

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Finding the Time

Some people I have worked with do say that they cannot find any time to exercise and in virtually every case we have together not only found potential time that they can use but also found a lot of time they were actually wasting doing not much or very little of any use.

Number one is – watching too much TV!, also when eating too much bad food is done, people eating whilst watching TV do not realise how much they’ve eaten until it’s too late. The mind is being occupied and the body- mind connection doesn’t recognise you’ve gone past the point of being full.

Even if the only time you have is in the evening then this is an excellent time to use more beneficially, you can in your own house using the right exercises use just 20 – 30 minutes help yourself to lose weight and get to where you’d like to be.

The finding time excuse is virtually always just a combination of a previous bad use of time and not being creative enough with how you utilise your time. There will always be possibilities whether it involves getting up earlier, going to bed earlier, watching a little less TV, eating better and more healthier which will increase energy levels – good for both sleeping and waking feeling better or something else you haven’t thought of yet! I can and will help you think of and find time to exercise

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