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Helping with the Fear of Flying in London – Flying Phobia

A phobia of flying on airplanes is very common and affects different people to different degrees, whereas some people have had this fear from around their first flight for others it seems to happen from out of nowhere. Many try to face the fear and struggle not enjoying the flight, time leading up to the flight/ holiday and not fully enjoying the holiday itself as at the back of the mind will be the return journey. It’s also true that for some it can be take-off, boarding, arriving at the airport, fear of turbulence or even months booking the flight where the phobic response starts.

The phobic response itself can differ it can be sweating, shaking, rapid heartbeat, visualising negative scenarios to full on panic attacks. Logically and rationally people know that they are blowing the fear out disproportionally and know all about that flying is an extremely safe mode of travel.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and positive psychology can help by locating the root cause of the phobia this itself can be known or hidden in the unconscious mind. Finding the root cause and does have a profound effect on the response and is also why phobias can be treated or dealt with effectively and very quickly. Hypnotherapy can help people to change their current and negative thought patterns and behaviours for positive and realistic new ones (or going back to when it wasn’t a problem). This can range to enjoying the flight, sleeping, watching movies, reading, conversing or just being bored but relaxed, but with the result overcoming your fear of flying.

Many people will start to feel better the moment they decide to make changes in their lives – and this can be just a phone call or email away.

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“Hi Matthew u helped me in mid July for my claustrophobia I thought I’d let u know how I got on going to the USA. I got on better than usual with the help you gave me. I felt a lot calmer on both the flight and difficult situations; some of the rides (Disney Land Florida) were closed in. Thank you for all your help.”
Kim – Flying Phobia and Claustrophobia, September 2010


What is a phobia?

A phobia is a persistent, irrational fear of, and a desire to avoid, certain object/s, animals, events or situations. It is considered by mainstream psychology that the only 2 fears that we are all born with are of sudden loud noises and of height, any fear of heights is actually a fear of falling.

Other people consider that you are not born with a phobia – and that it’s a learned response. A learned response which has by situations in the past, of which almost always have a root cause, which you then react to when confronted by the phobic stimulus. With phobias even the anticipation, of thoughts or by thinking of the situation will often be enough to provoke the reaction. The person will then experience feelings, reaction and responses of anxiety, fear, panic and panic attacks.

Using hypnotherapy, NLP, positive psychology and EFT – I can re-programme your thoughts, change your associations and replace them with new, more appropriate feelings, reaction, behaviours, emotions and thoughts much more along how you want to be.

Physical Symptoms of Aerophobia

  • increased heart rate
  • cold and/or clammy hands
  • trembling
  • nausea
  • shortness of breath
  • choking sensation

These signs can occur when a person is thinking about flying, about to board a plane, or while flying. Addressing the root cause and changing how you feel about being on an aircraft will open up the world to you and allow you to overcome your fear of flying.

Fear of flying as described by Anxiety UK org – HERE

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