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Assertiveness Coaching

There are different ways in which you can explain assertiveness and some people do misunderstand what it means to be assertive. Essentially assertiveness means that someone has the self-confidence to make decisions both big and small; and decisions which involve planning and the real life spontaneous decisions where you can be on-the-spot. 

Being assertive means that you can make good decisions, effectively address people and deal with situations around people by being focused, standing your ground and feeling and being comfortable, relaxed and confident in what you’re saying and doing. It is about being and involves being able to say’ no’ to people, only appropriately responding to others and any negative statements or any criticism they may direct at you. And all while being able to say exactly what you want to say; with only the appropriately minimal self-awareness, any low-level feelings of anxiety and self-consciousness.

I can help by helping you to locate any root cause for this and using hypnotherapy we can together address this and from there onwards work on the present and how you can being more confident, assertive and build your self-esteem. There are many ways of helping this and using a combination of hypnotherapy, NLP and ideas from positive psychology we can work on a therapeutic program which will put you on the path of being able to address others more appropriately but also understand yourself better. 

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Assertive and being assertive does mean that you will be positive about yourself without putting other people down, making insulting and unnecessary comments or being rude. Being assertive also means that you accept other people’s views, values, belief’s. ETC. However you don’t have to let them affect you.

Some Thing’s Assertive People Will Do:

  • Make their decisions around work and career choices
  • Make their own decisions around what they do with their time
  • Say ‘No’ (or ‘Yes) around situations
  • Not be manipulated into doing something they don’t want to do
  • Be confident and comfortable in social situations (providing they want to be there)
  • Stand their ground
  • Express their opinions whether popular or not
  • Not respond to any unwarranted and rude criticism or behaviour from others
  • Being able to say ‘no’ when you don’t want to do something and/or don’t have the time
  • Change your mind when you want to


There is a difference between being aggressive and being assertive, aggressive doesn’t just mean physically aggressive or violence but also verbally, emotionally, energetically, using or trying to use threats, shame or guilt trips, being manipulative or using coercion. It can even go up to the point of involving others and bullying. However being aggressive and using aggression type behaviours are much different from being assertive.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and Assertiveness

I can help in many ways and using a combination of cognitive hypnotherapy, NLP and life coaching as well as ideas from positive psychology we can together work on a program of therapy of training and coaching which will help you to being more self-confident, assertive, calm, relaxed and strong all at the same time. 

Assertiveness as described by Merriam Webster – HERE

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