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If you’re offended by this page and by the idea of past life regression within then it’s probably best and advisable for you to move on with your life and personal beliefs – and with that I thank you for understanding. This is a page for past life regression

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Past Lives, Hypnotherapy and Regression Therapy

It is increasing that many people are experiencing and/or more aware of the possibility that they have or are currently experiencing past lives. This is much more common than people might think and whether these memories/ experiences are “real” or “imaginary” maybe isn’t the point, if something is bothering you and you want to get to the bottom of it then this really is the most important thing to consider.

When accessing the memories from your current known life or memories from your past lives you are accessing memories of something you may have experienced minutes, hours, days, weeks, months and years ago. The memories within your mind are firmly connected to your emotions and your energy state.

When you think of it any significant experience in this life (and it will be significant because you remember remembering it) you will notice that it has emotionally intense and significant qualities that will make it more obvious, easy to recall and often will be “on your mind”.

Some people I work with have a general curiosity about past lives they may have lived and just want to explore this as a way of satisfying that curiosity, and this is fine.

Now coming from a therapeutic point of view the overriding reason for working through the past lives is to work on issues and problems in the present, in the life you’re fully in right now. So dealing with the current issues and problems and resolving these in “real” time so that you can then go along and get along with things more effectively.

From a therapeutic point of view and from a hypnotherapist’s point of view it doesn’t necessarily matter whether any past live(s) were “real” or “imaginary” (define either anyway!). And whether any problems or issues happened yesterday, months ago, years ago or life(s) ago doesn’t really matter if it’s affecting you now. Also when you really think about it what happened yesterday, 5 minutes ago, one year ago, one hundred or one thousand years ago only really happened then and is no longer “real” in your present, here and now which exists in your memory? However if that memory is causing you a negative issue or problem then it’s best to sort it out and resolve it.

With anything I see people for I would always strongly suggest that it’s pointless for them to be stuck with negative feelings, issues, problems, nightmares, suffering, behaviours and lives. So getting to the bottom of any of these and resolving them will make you feel better with yourself and your current life.

If all this sounds strange, metaphysical and like total nonsense to you then please do take a look into Quantum Physics / mechanics through the Many Worlds’ Hypotheses, Copenhagen Interoperation, Objective Collapse and many more theories. In these theories (they differ of course) time isn’t constant and therefore past, future and present aren’t set as such. Thus as well as you are not in one set place nor are you in time, in time.

This all gets very confusing and frustrating trying to understand and as the physicist and quantum physicist Richard Fenyman said “If you think you understand quantum mechanics you don’t understand quantum mechanics” and because time and matter are a part of this matrix governed at the fundamental level by quantum physics then no one really understands what time, space and matter are made, made of and how it connects together. A past life regression can help to out the current life into perspective.

Ask any mainstream government employed physicist why the arrow of time goes in the direction it seems to go! In these times and with current explanations tend to look at time being a cause and effect sequence running for past to the future. This is one way of explaining clock time – which is manmade. Different types of time are seasonal time and cylindrical time.

Future Lives and Parallel Lives

It can be possible that in some cases people will have experienced future lives, parallel lives or aspects of this, again this can feel problematic and again the most important thing to consider is how this is making you feel in the present. In the same way as past lives hypnotherapy can help you with putting all this into a better perspective and to feel better in the present, now state of mind. People will often have a great learning experience from this and gain a greater perspective of what they wish to achieve within their lives for the current and for their future time-line.

From a metaphysical point of view it could be possible that the universe is mind-like in nature but without time in the way it’s typically thought of and about and therefore the past, present, future, parallels and time-lines are all part of and with the external to everything including what we think of ourselves.

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If you wish to book a session now or if you want to ask any questions please call 07807 540142 or  Email today for help with past life regression