Anger Management


Hypnotherapy and NLP and they can help with anger for anger management

The emotion/ feeling of anger can be destructive in many ways however it is normal to feel angry from time to time, though anger is rarely a useful feeling or emotional state. Indeed anger is very often followed quickly by remorse, guilt or regret though sadly the damage has already been done.

When someone repeatedly feels anger over a particular issue or issues or around certain people, places or things it tends to put that person in a state where they are not best placed to deal resourcefully with the situation. More often than not, this is simply a habit which has formed.

Hypnotherapy and NLP are both excellent at location and addressing the root cause of the were the anger stems from, after this it is useful to go through techniques, coping strategies and utilising the unconscious mind to make this issue is longer an issue. This can often be done is very few sessions and can be much easier than you can imagine, people can soon look back and wonder why and what it was all about.

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Different Kinds of Anger
There are different types of anger and they can manifest differently in many different situations. Sometimes it begins with a relatively minor event which then goes round and round in someone’s head, and then other little things get on their nerves and it builds up, slowly at first until anger erupts.

It can be that the person arrives home stressed after work or maybe has had a stressful day looking after children, and everything is getting on their nerves. Sometimes the anger is linked to drink or drugs. Some people get really angry every day whilst others just explode into rage once or twice a month, or even once or twice a year. Sometimes people suddenly explode into anger from seemingly nowhere. Very often it is the person’s partner or children that suffer the brunt of the emotion.

Sometimes an otherwise very placid person will become agitated and angry in certain situations when behind the wheel of a car as in road rage, in when having to queue-up or having to be within the company of certain people. 

Sometimes it is useful to see both partners in a relationship, rather than just the one, this is because if there is a situation between 2 (or maybe even more) people then it can be the case that there at least 2 negative patterns and that they could simply be ‘communicating’ to each other in ways which do not make sense to the other(s) involved, and thus creating more negative emotions including anger!

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There is a difference between being aggressive and being assertive, aggressive doesn’t just mean physically aggressive or violence but also verbally, emotionally, energetically, using or trying to use threats, shame or guilt trips, being manipulative or using coercion. It can even go up to the point of involving others and bullying. However being aggressive and using aggression type behaviours are much different from being assertive.

Hypnotherapy, NLP and Assertiveness

I can help in many ways and using a combination of cognitive hypnotherapy, NLP and life coaching as well as ideas from positive psychology we can together work on a program of therapy of training and coaching which will help you to being more self-confident, assertive, calm, relaxed and strong all at the same time. 

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